What to wear

I have nothing to wear!!


I hear it all the time, gosh, I say it all the time too, so what on earth do you wear to your Portrait Session?


I always suggest that you choose YOUR outfit first. Choose something that you feel beautiful and comfortable in and then have everyone else's outfit co-ordinate from there. Choose colours that appear in your outfit, e.g. if your outfit has grey, yellow and blue in it, then dress the children in yellow or blue and put dad in grey. Try and select similar tones to those in your outfit.


Another tip, is to think about the styles and colours you have decorated your home with, where will your portrait hang and will the colours you have chosen match in well when they are all on the wall together?


There are lots of great examples below, but take a look at this short video on What to Wear for your Portrait Session first to break it down in a simple and clear way to understand.



Margot chose a colour palette that complimented each other and added that little pop of colour with her daughter's gorgeous pink dress.

Autumn Portraits in the park are lots of fun and adding a scarf to create a beautiful layer, adds texture to your family's Portrait. Stacey and Regan chose a gorgeous colour palette for their Family Session and I just love the coloured heart on Miss A's dress.

Beach Sessions are lots of fun and there is always so much colour at the beach. Danielle and Dave chose these beautiful bright beach colours to wear for their Lifestyle Session.

These neutral colours worked fantastic for Leesa and Tony's Family Lifestyle Session at home. And by adding a little pattern to their outfit combination, we created beautiful images in colour, and black and white that really popped! 

Family Lifestyle Colours at Home. These beautiful pastels go great together for the Taylor Family's Lifestyle Session at their beautiful property.


For more ideas, click here and see some fantastic examples of colour combinations for your Family Portraits.