Three Hearts Photography specialises in High Quality Printed Wall Art, Canvases, Collages and Albums, designed to suit Your Family and preserve the memories you love the most!


Portrait Collections

We believe in Beautiful High Quality Printed Portraits and all our Collections offer a selection of Printed Portraits that you will Love. 

Our Portraits Start at $145 and our Portrait Collections Range from $695 - $2490

Our Portrait Box Collections hold 6, 15, 24 Prints

They are Professionally Printed in 7x10" and Mounted to 11x14".

Our Portraits are Presented to you in our Gorgeous Portrait Boxes.



Deluxe Family Portrait Albums

Our Deluxe Family Albums are available in 8x12" and 11x14". They display between 15 and 24 of your Family Portraits from your Portrait Session. These Albums are beautifully crafted and have a guaranteed warranty of 35 Years. The texture is beautiful, the look is beautiful and your Portraits will look stunning in this Gorgeous Album.

These albums range from $1195 - $1695




Wall Art Collections 

We offer a variety of Printed Wall Art Collections and we can design something that will suit any wall in your home.

Our Wall Art Collections range from $1195 to $3295 and can be personally designed to suit you and your family.


The Simple Collection

This Collection comes in your Favourite Four 12x18" Framed Prints.

We offer this Collection in Framed Print, Canvas and a Framed Canvas finish.

It is the perfect Collection to put in your Main Bedroom, Hallway or Study.



The Homestyle Collection

This beautiful collection of Portraits comes with Two 20x16" Canvas Portraits and One 20x30" Canvas Portrait.

We offer this Collection in a Framed Print, Canvas and a Framed Canvas finish.

It is a gorgeous Collection for any Family Home. 



The Family Collection

This Amazing Collection of Portraits comes with Four 14x14" Canvas Portraits and One 30x40" Canvas Portrait.

 We offer this Collection in a Framed Print, Canvas and a Framed Canvas finish.

It will certainly make a statement in your home and be something your Family will treasure for years to come.



Take a look at this video of some of our amazing Wall Art, Albums and Portrait Products.




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