Top 30 Portraits Of 2017

December 14, 2017

Top 30 Portraits Of 2017

It has been an amazing year for us at Three Hearts Photography and we have had so many fantastic families come to have their portraits taken with us and I am very thankful for all of them. They have trusted me to take some of their everyday moments and make them into lasting memories that they will have in their family for years and years to come.

So, I wanted to celebrate some of these awesome families and show you my Top 30 Images of 2017. But it certqainly wasn't the easiest task I have done this year. There are so many gorgeous faces and so many beautiful portraits and after a lot of thinking and deciding, I have finally narrowed it down.

I hope you enjoy these portraits as much as I did taking them....


 Love these cheeky smiles from our Fundraising Event at the Delacombe Salvation Army.


 Love Love Love this one. When it all gets too much and you are getting tired from all the smiles, hehehe

This adorable family was our first Birthday Competition Winner.

After a busy cake smash, it was time fro a bath and the camera never stops, lol. Love these gorgeous eyes.

Our Lynbrook location is just beautiful for or Family Mini Sessions. 

This very cheeky little man was so very proud of himself as he wrapped his hands behind his head and kicked up his feet for this gorgeous photo.

Apart from selfies, this gorgeous Mumma did not have a portrait of her and her daughter together. I was so happy to capture this beautiful moment for them both.


Sometimes a Portrait Session doesn't always go to plan and sometimes my gorgeous subjects have other ideas about what they want to do. These gorgeous girls decided to play in the curtains and I joined them to snap this beautiful photo of them having so much fun. Sometimes it's not just the smiles that make a photo special, but the story behind the photo.


 I love a little dress up and this floral headpiece, just looks gorgeous on this little Miss.

One of my first families this year. I just love the cheeky smiles on this little man.

Beautiful cousins with just beautiful smiles. 

Christmas time is always magical and this Mini Session was no exception. With a little magical light, these cheeky elves were mesmerised by the twinkle of Christmas.

I love it when Mumma's say yes to having a photo on their own. This is one her little man is going to love forEVER!!

Such a cheeky look on this bubba girl's face. Love a sneaky kiss photo.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. What a gorgeous photo for this lovely couple.

Glamour Session are not just for women. We had a great time, laughing and smiling through this session. A session like this is perfect for business head-shots as well.

 There's a killer smile on this young lady.

Creative, cheeky and super fun. This one is a family portrait with a difference.

A sneaky game of peekaboo makes a great photo for this lovely family.

Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? No, it's Super Cale!! This young man brought an array of costumes to his Superhero Mini Session this year.

Extended Family Sessions can be tricky to coordinate, but when it's all done and dusted, you have some amazing memories of your family together. Memories you can all enjoy forever.

Do you remember when you little bubba got their first teeth? Do you have a photo of them when they only had a couple of teeth and were mostly gums? It's the little details that matter.

Super cute family portrait for our August Competition Winner. Love the colours this Mumma chose for her family to wear.

A child's personality can be captured in a beautiful portrait, then whenever you see that photo, it reminds you just how cheeky they were at that age.

We all see something different in photos of our own children. When their parents saw this beautiful photo of their girls they said it looked like they were dancing. I just love that.

This family were so much fun and these boys just giggled and giggled and giggled.

 Gorgeous smiles from these sisters. Another family from our Fundraising Event in Delacombe.

Every year Mr C gets his photo taken with me and his Mumma requests a full body photo so she can see how tall he is getting each year. Just love this little man's style this year. I am moving further and further back every year, soon I will be across the street. Gotta stop growing Mister, lol. 

Family Photos are so important and I always encourage mums to get out from behind the camera and be in the photo with their family. Love this simple, beautiful family pic.

If you only knew the story behind this hilarious and super fun photo. I won't tell you what was really happening just before this pic... hehehe. Love it!

I have saved this one til last, (well almost last, but we'll come back to that soon). This is one of my most favourite images of the whole year. The truth is, I just couldn't decide on which photo was the best to edit and present to this family. I loved them all. So I decided that they had to stay together. They were a sequence of personality and there was no way I could leave one out. I created this sequence and now it is one of my most popular collage sequences. I smile every time I see this collection.

Now, if you have been counting, you might realise that we have already reached our Top 30 Portraits before we got to this one, but I couldn't finish without adding in one of my absolute favourites of my own two muchkins from this year. A game of peekaboo around the tree at the park makes for one of my favourite photos of 2017 of my babies.


If you have made it this far, I Thank You very much and hope that you have enjoyed seeing just a glimpse of some of the amazing families that we have photographed at Three Hearts Photography in 2017.

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Can't wait to see you all in 2018!

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