The ONLY way to NEVER have your kids say I'M BORED again!

July 11, 2020

The ONLY way to NEVER have your kids say I'M BORED again!


Your kids are sitting on the couch, that winey, wingey noise is starting to come out of their mouths. It can’t possibly be food again, although there is still a good chance it could be.


You know that sound though and you wait for those dreaded words……


“Muuuuum, I’m Booorrred!”


Yep, those are the words that every Mum hates to hear and yet, we continue to hear them over and over.


But wait, you remember seeing a blog from Three Hearts Photography and Julie is about to save your day, (and maybe the rest of your Iso).


Don’t believe me? Read on and find out……



I have put together the BEST collection of I’M BORED activities for your kids. And the best part about this, is that once you set it up, you will never have to deal with the I’M BORED wine ever again!


I have seen this done many ways, but I chose to use materials I had around the house, rather than go out and buy new things. So here is what you need….


A large pencil Case

Some Coloured Cardboard

A Texta or Pen



Sounds simple so far right?


Now this is how to make an “I’M BORED” Activity Bag…


Three Hearts Photography Activities for Kids 

Take the coloured cardboard and cut them into strips, approximately 1.5cms wide and 10-20cms long. (Note, this is only a guide and you can make them as big or small as you like).


Once you have a collection of 100 pieces of paper cut up, then you can write down one of the following activities on each piece of cardboard. Once you have written an activity on the cardboard, then place it inside the Pencil case.


So here they are, the MUST HAVE activity Collection so your kids will NEVER say I'M BORED again!

  1. Do puzzles
  2. Read a Book
  3. Dance
  4. Make a video about someone in your family
  5. Go on a Scavenger Hunt
  6. Write a letter to a friend
  7. Write a letter to a family member
  8. Clean your room
  9. Watch some Animal shows from the Zoo
  10. Do some craft
  11. Write a speech, practice it and perform it
  12. Write an information report about your favourite animal
  13. Play a board game with your brother/sister
  14. Go through your toys and choose one to give to Good Will
  15. Sing
  16. Do a Bluey Activity off their Website 
  17. Call a Friend
  18. Make a compost bin
  19. Write a letter to someone to say thank you
  20. Make a video report about a family holiday
  21. Paint a picture
  22. Make Playdough
  23. Do Stamping
  24. Climb fences
  25. Play princesses
  26. Draw of paint a picture of your house
  27. Have some quiet time
  28. Play outside
  29. Ride your bike
  30. Paint your nails
  31. Make a card for someone you love
  32. Fold some washing
  33. Do some colouring in
  34. Watch a movie
  35. Do PE with PE Joe 
  36. Call a family member and talk to them
  37. Watch some home movies
  38. Clean the sliding door/window
  39. Water the Garden
  40. Play with your Pet
  41. Build a house with Lego
  42. Complete the Lego challenge with Keiran 
  43. Play dress-ups
  44. Write a story about a Cat wearing yellow boots
  45. Learn some Yoga on Youtube 
  46. Make a Poster for a family special occasion
  47. Set up an art gallery with some of your artwork
  48. Learn a new song
  49. Play on the Trampoline
  50. Play in the Cubby House
  51. Put on a concert.
  52. Build a cubby inside
  53. Play Dolls
  54. Play with a toy you haven’t played with in a long time
  55. Play in the sandpit
  56. Write a story about your dream holiday
  57. Play on the Ipad/tablet for 1 hour
  58. Take some photos of you and your sister/brother doing something funny.

Three Hearts Photography Activities for Kids

  1. Empty the dishwasher
  2. Tidy up the loungeroom
  3. Help Mummy or Daddy
  4. Pull some weeds out of the Garden
  5. 1 Hour of Play Station (or similar)
  6. Play ball outside
  7. Complete an art project
  8. Go for a walk
  9. Build something with wood, hammer and nails
  10. Play UNO
  11. Wash the Car
  12. Laugh
  13. Have a tea party
  14. Sweep the floor
  15. Catch Butterflies
  16. Go on a bug hunt
  17. Search for worms in the garden
  18. Brush the dog (pet)
  19. Pretend to visit the beach
  20. Play cars
  21. Make a video about YOU
  22. Learn the alphabet in sign language  
  23. Do some Ballet, Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Dancing
  24. Chalk drawing
  25. Make a pretend shop and go shopping
  26. Play footy in the backyard
  27. Learn to fold origami  
  28. Help cook dinner
  29. Check the letter box
  30. Make a pair of binoculars using toilet rolls  
  31. Make an obstacle course in the backyard & run around the Course

Three Hearts Photography Activities for Kids

  1. Make a fairy garden
  2. Have some quiet time in your room
  3. Watch a story time on the Library Facebook Page 
  4. Act out your favourite Bluey episode (or favourite tv show)
  5. Make your own story time and read to your younger sibling
  6. Photo Scavenger Hunt
  7. Count the money in your piggy bank (younger children can make matching piles of the coins)
  1. Build a car out of Lego
  2. Have a tea party with your stuffed toys
  3. Play Nerf or build a target and hit it with a ball
  4. Listen to some music

Three Hearts Photography Activities for Kids 


Once you have these 100 Activities in your house, then you will be surprised how just how often you DON’T hear those dreaded words again.


I started this during our last Lockdown when I heard “I’M BORED” all the time, and I think I might have heard it once or twice since then.


It also puts up a barrier to stop them saying I’m bored and start looking for things to do for themselves because they know if they pull out…. “unload the dishwasher” I am sure as heck going to make them unload the dishwasher. And there is no swappsies! What you pull out the first time, is what you HAVE to do!

I hope you enjoy these activities and it helps you and your kids over the coming weeks to fight the boredom  and the need to always be on their screens. There is so much more to do.


Good luck Mummas! You got this!!!!


Enjoy. Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.


Thank you for reading.



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