Preserving Your Memories

October 07, 2019

Preserving Your Memories

Now that your Portraits are printed, how can you make sure that they are safe from harmful plastics and papers that eat into them and destroy your precious memories?
I have prepared this short video to show you what happened to me recently when I found some photos from 12 years ago that had been kept in an album that was unsafe. If you love watching Video, then click below, but if you prefer to read, then the content is below for you as well.







Hi I'm Julie Hedges from Three Hearts Photography and I wanted to share with you the importance of preserving your photos.

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I am a big advocate of the printed Portrait. I love printing my photos and I have albums galore. I am running out of room, Seriously!

I love sitting down with my kids and showing them photos of when they were babies, when they were growing up and photos of family members that they didn't get to meet because they passed away before they were born or when they ere too young to remember. And it's so important for them to get to know their family members that were a part of their lives and a part of our lives.


I found some photos from about 12 years ago that I had taken when I jumped out of an aeroplane. Now this was a very special event so I went the whole hog and got the whole collection... just to prove that I had done it as well... and they presented it in this special folder. And I didn't think anything of it. I kept it safe, I've, you know, looked after it, I found it on the weekend to show the kids and let them know that mum was pretty cool when she was younger, lol.

This is what happened....

This is the folder that the photos were presented in, it's nothing fancy I know, but it's part of the memento isn't it? And we think that our photos are going to be safe. It's just plastic pockets and all the photos came in here. But when I opened this folder on the weekend, I realised that all the plastic had eaten into my photos and you can see it has ruined them.



Yes! I really did jump out of an aeroplane!

There's spots on them, the colours gone, they are just.....ruined. And I am just devastated!

So you can see how devastating this is. These are once in a lifetime photos! I'm not going to be jumping out of an areoplane again, don't you worry about that, lol. If I had only thought about it and thought about putting them into an album that would preserve these photos, they would be safe.


So that's what I am here to tell you today.

Now that your photos are printed, and I hope they are, ;) then look for something that is going to preserve your photos. It needs to be Acid Free and Lignen Free. Look for those things on your albums.

Choose an album that is Safe for your Photos!


I have three different albums to show you.

This is your standard album that most of you will purchase. Holds your 4x6 photos, about 200 I think, but here's the difference....this is what you have to look for... Acid Free Pages. This is what is going to stop the plastic eating into your photos.



For the scrapbookers, you will know this album...

This is a Creative Memories Album and the paper is Lignen Free and the plastic that goes over the top, is Acid Free. So your photos are perfectly safe. But, Placing your photos in this album, takes a little bit more time.




The last Album I am going to show you is also a Scrapbooking album. These ones can be found at Kaisercraft, and Spotlight, Lincraft, all your stores that holds Scrapbooking Supplies. This one was from Lincraft. I don;t think they stock this sort any more, but they have the three ring binders and then you can either put full pages in like this or do what I have started to do, to make life a little bit easier and quicker, and buy the pages that are similar to the first album I showed you where you just slot in the photos and then just add cards and text.




I hope that has helped you to understand how to preserve your photos. Now that we have printed them, we want to look after them and make sure they last as long as possible, so that we can share them with our family, with our friends, and with our children and our grandchildren and throughout our generations.


If you have any questions, let me know, I am happy to help. Keep in mind that you want to look for Acid Free and Lignen Free. They're the two things you want to look for when you are purchasing albums for your photos.



While I know these photos have been damaged from being in an unsafe album, now that I have put them into a safe album, I know that they cannot be damaged any further.

Now these precious photos are safe for many years to come.




Don't let this happen to your most precious memories.






If you would like any help or have any questions about anything discussed in this blog or video, then please give me a call or email HERE.

If you are ready to have a Portrait Session and would love to capture something really special to preserve for your Family memories, then I would love to have a chat with you about the best Session and Portrait or Wall Art for your Family.

Call Julie on 0417 549 653 or Contact me HERE and I will be in touch with you as soon as I can. 



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