Photographing TWO's and Beyond

July 11, 2018

Photographing TWO's and Beyond

As mums we all struggle to get nice photos of our kids, especially of they are an independent two or three year old. They never want to look at the camera, they certainly don't want to smile at us and sit still?.... are you kidding? not without an ipad in their hands mumma, lol.

So how do we get a photo of our kids....EVER?

Here's a few tricks to get some amazing photos of your kids without going crazy and without getting so frustrated with them you end up huddled in a corner, vowing you will never take their photo ever again, (which of course you know is a lie, haha).

#1. Try taking them to the park.

Kids love the park and before you know it they will be smiling all by themselves and you won't have to say a word. And an upside down swing photo is the perfect way to describe a fun day at the playground and show off a fun and cheeky personality.



#2. Capture the Everyday Moments

You don't always need to have your kids looking at the camera and smiling that big cheesy smile. I sometimes call them the "Grandma Photo." That is the one that Grandma LOVES and wants to hang on her wall and they are BEAUTIFUL, but sometimes, they are very stressful, for both you and your child. How much more special for you and your child/children would an image like this one be, where they remember baking with you and they remember every time you let them lick the bowl or the beaters. I bet that brings back warm and fuzzy feelings for you as a child too??


#3. Don't Worry If They Aren't Looking At The Camera

Some of my favourite photos are of my kids and even of my clients when they are looking away from the camera, either looking at each other or just laughing so much that they can't even look at the camera. Just let your kids play and laugh and even if you did ask them to look at one another, just wait a minute and I bet before 20 seconds have passed, they will be laughing at one another and you will have captured a moment that you couldn't have made them do by asking them to "Smile"

#4. Get them to play a game.

We play Peek-a-Boo for this photo. It is one of my favourites I like to do with the kids I photograph and it works so well. But not just with two children, it also works with just one child, because you can be on the other side of the tree with your camera or phone ready to click and the smile that jumps out from behind the tree to say Boo to you is usually Ah-Mazing!

#5. Give Them Something Special To Eat

Cut up some big slices of watermelon, pop them some popcorn, make them fairy bread, or give them an icypole or ice-cream, something that they don't have very often. Make sure you plant them somewhere nice where you would like to take their photo, on a seat outside, at the park, or at the beach (still great even in the winter), and let them have their tasty treat while you click away and grab some different and unusual photos of them being kids.



 #6. The Small Details Matter

It's just a rub of the nose, but there's only a few short months where they do this. Imagine if you snapped it and had it to keep forever in your photo collection!

Make sure you capture the small details that disappear so quickly as they grow up and change and take on new characteristics and traits. Take photos of hands and feet, when they stand in your shoes and when they hold on to your hand. Take photos of the curls in their hair or the lightning strikes they just have to have in their hair each haircut. There are so many little details you can capture right now and many more to come. These photos will be just as precious as those with smiles, maybe even more.

And won't you be glad you stopped worrying about getting them to look at the camera?!


Happy Photographing and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me!

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