Our Family Holiday 2019 – Three Hearts Photography, Family Portrait Photographer

September 13, 2019

Our Family Holiday 2019 – Three Hearts Photography, Family Portrait Photographer


We have just got back from a two week family holiday full of lots of adventures and family time. We spent a week in Adelaide with our family and then went to Halls Gap for a week for some Bushwalking, mountain climbing and bike riding. We have had a really great time.


While we were in Adelaide, the kids really loved playing with their cousin, having slumber parties together and playing Minecraft and dress-ups and going to the playground.



As a family we went out and had some adventure as well. Our first day out was….

The Giant Rocking Horse

At the Giant Rocking Horse, there is a small farm with sheep, goats, ducks, kangaroos, llamas, emus, peacocks and lots of cockatoos and galahs. We got some animal food and the kids got to hand feed the animals. We even had a dance with Louie the cocky.


The Pirateship Playground at St Kilda (South Australia), was an amazing visit. It has changed so much since our last visit there many years ago. Apparently, they had a fire there a few years ago and they had to rebuild it. The playground was pretty special before, but now it is just fantastic!

We loved the giant slides and I even got to go down one of the big slides with the kids when they waited for me to get up to the top with them, lol.


We found WizBang Mini Golf and Laser Tag and they had a Daytona Race Car Driving Game, so since it is my absolute favourite game in the entire history of arcade games, then it was inevitable that we had to have a battle on the Race Track! We had a great time doing all of the activities there!


But the most fun of all was spending time with family and seeing the kids have fun with their cousin! We decided to set up a campfire for everyone to enjoy in the backyard. We gathered the sticks and marshmallows and even a potato wrapped in alfoil, and sat around the campfire eating toasty melted marshmallows. It was a great night!


In our second week of our Family Holiday, we headed off to Halls Gap and the Grampians.

We booked a cabin at the Caravan Park and packed the bikes to have a week of bushwalking, bike riding and relaxing. Some of our adventures in Halls Gap include:


Fyans Creek Loop Walk

Our first bush walk this week was on the Fyans Creek Loop Walk, located at the back of the Brambuck Centre. We collected sticks and made drawings in the path, we found a way to get down to the creek to throw rocks in it and then try and climb across it without getting wet. We saw Black cockatoos, white cockatoos, Rosellas, emus and kangaroos. The kids were so excited to see so many different animals on our walk. It was a great walk in the bush and we even spotted then sun, which was the best thing we spotted all day, lol.


Lake Bellfield and Silver Band Falls

One of our favourite locations each time we visit Halls Gap. The kids climb the big rocks call out in the canyons to hear their voice echo through the mountains, they have races along the water’s edge, throw rocks in the lake and then finish the morning off with a dance after lunch. And that’s all before we get to Silverband Falls. It’s just a really great, easy, super fun day with the kids. We had the most perfect weather on this day as well, so much so, we were all hot and sweaty, wishing we had worm something a little cooler, lol.


We topped off our favourite day with dinner by the campfire and toasted marshmallows for dessert. We all love making a campfire.


We had a lot of good times on our family holiday and we are all refreshed and ready for the Christmas rush to begin!



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