Choosing Your Style

March 12, 2019

Choosing Your Style

Do you know what style of Photography you want for your Family Portrait Session? Do you know enough about the different styles of Photography that we have to offer in order to be able to make the best choice for your family?

I will outline each style of Photography that we offer at Three Hearts Photography and who these styles would suit best in order to help you make the best decision for your Family.

Of course if you love to watch rather than read, you can scroll to the bottom of this blog and watch the simple guide I have put together with all this amazing information in a short helpful video, with all the examples  you will see here and more.


The first style I want to introduce you to is the - 

Studio Session

At Three Hearts Photography, we have a home based Studio, located in Melbourne's South Eastern Suburbs, Lyndhurst. It is a gorgeous studio filled with beautiful natural light which we use for our sessions, but we also have the option of Studio lighting if the days are a little darker or if we have larger groups and need extra lighting.



A Studio Session allows children who are a little shy and/or can be easily distracted the opportunity to feel secure and calm in a quiet setting for their Portrait Session, while still having fun and getting some relaxed and gorgeous Family Portraits.



We use a white backdrop, but also have a variety of different backdrops if you are looking for something a little different for your Session.

We have a great selection of costumes available for our styled Children's Sessions, as well as some Maternity and Glamour props. 

Our Studio is designed so that you can view all your portraits from your session here and choose from a selection of Prints, Products and Wall Art that we have available and on display.



If you love the crisp look of the Studio Sessions, then this is the one for you. 



The second Style I want to introduce you to is the - 

Location Session

If you choose to have your Portrait Session on location, then I have a number of gorgeous Parks, playgrounds and lakes that I use that are fantastic for Family Portraits.



A Location Session can be lots of fun and is often more like a family outing at the park than a Portrait Session with me, your Photographer.

On your Location Session we will take some beautiful Portraits of your family sitting and laughing together, you will take a walk together, maybe even play a game or two. Then there might even be some time to play on the playground at the end of our session.



There is also lots of space at the park to have Extended Family Sessions when you are bringing everyone together for that once in a lifetime photo.



If you want more of a casual look and want to capture your family in play and having fun together like you would on a regular weekend outing, then a Location Session is the one for you.



The third Style I want to introduce you to is the - 

Home Session

You can choose to have your Family Portrait Session at your own home. I come to you and I photograph a variety of indoor and outdoor portraits, capturing your family in the place they are most comfortable in.... their home.



A Home Session can be great for children who are shy and they are fantastic for Newborn Sessions, so Mum doesn't have to worry about schedules and packing a thousand things to get to a location that is not easy to manage with a newborn baby. A Home Session is relaxed and familiar for children and we can capture some of those everyday memories that we always want to remember, long after they have grown up and moved away from home.



In your home Session, you can read stories with your children, have cuddles on the couch, tickles on the bed, snuggle in front of the fire, play with your pets, make pancakes or cupcakes for morning tea, anything that your family loves to do together, we can capture during your Family Session at Home.



If you would love to capture all those everyday moments that you never want to forget, then a Home Session is the one for you and your Family.


Our Guide on Video...

It's all here for you and more in this short video on choosing the Style of Photography that will suit you and your Family for their Portrait Session at Three Hearts Photography.


Helping You Decide

A Portrait Session with Three Hearts Photography is Fun and Relaxed and Captures Your Family exactly how you want to remember them, no matter which style of Session you decide for your Family.



If you are ready to book a Family Portrait Session with Three Hearts Photography or would just like a little more help to decide which style would be best for your Family Portrait, then give me a call - Julie, on 0417 549 653. I would love to have a chat with you.

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