Borsato Family Portrait Session – Family Portrait Photography, Three Hearts Photography

August 16, 2019

Borsato Family Portrait Session – Family Portrait Photography, Three Hearts Photography

It was a warm and sunny morning. We started nice and early to avoid the mid-day sun.
I arrived at Banjo Paterson Park and started taking some video footage for our Family Keepsake Film. It was a perfect morning for a Family Portrait Session.


A Family arrived not long after and they were all dressed up, so I knew they would be looking for me, the lady with the big camera, as I often describe myself when I’m meeting a new Family.
Karen and I had been chatting in the lead up to their session, so I felt like I knew her and her family a little already. I began to chat to Mr R. Karen had told me that he was wary of new people and that he might not respond right away, so we took it slowly.
I let Mr R know what the plan was for our morning of fun together (aka, our Portrait Session), so he would know what to expect and exactly WHEN he would get to play on the playground he had spotted on his arrival.
There are very few children who are not a little wary of strangers and  in my mind, that is A-ok. It is not uncommon that they will be wary of this strange lady coming at them with a camera, her tickle stick (just ask me what that is if you haven’t seen it yet, lol), or a playful saying or joke about Dad’s pink knickers.
We use the first few minutes of your session for the whole family to begin to feel comfortable with me and with the camera. Let’s face it, it can be a little daunting. So, don’t be surprised if we spend some time at the start of your sessions chatting about the weather, work, school, kinder, childcare, or what you are going to be doing after your Portraits are finished. None of this is wasted time. It is all valuable time that we need for you and your family to feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.
So, after a chat with Karen, Marco and Mr R, we were ready to capture some memorable Portraits for their family.
Karen and Marco wanted to capture their family having fun together most of all. Karen, like most mums is always behind the camera and was afraid that she would never have the photo that she always wanted with her son, while he was still young enough to hold her hand, play with her and kiss and cuddle her. We were able to capture all of that for Karen and more.
We were sure not to leave Marco out. There was time for the boys to be boys. They shared a shoulder ride and watched the ducks as they swam by the pier. Mr R liked to pick out which ones were the noisiest ducks.
We spent time walking around the park and playing on the playground. Then Mr R got to show me how he could ride his scooter on the Skate ramps. It was a morning of family time and fun together and all the time, I was clicking away with my camera and taking video footage of the time they were spending together.
At the end of the session, Karen and her family shared a morning tea that I had brought along for them. We chatted and I showed Karen and Marco what their Portrait Collection would look like when they came back to view them in a couple of weeks.
We had a fantastic day in the park and I just couldn’t wait to show Karen and Marco their beautiful Portrait Collection.
Here is what Karen had to say about her Portrait Session….
“As a busy full-time working mum having family portraits was something I always wanted but we were always time poor and with a son with Autism who hates his photo taken it seemed like a dream I would never get him to cooperate for a couple of shots. 
Then I saw a work colleagues amazing family photos and I knew I had to give it a go. 
From the moment I first spoke to Julie I felt completely relaxed...Our family photo shoot felt like Julie was just a friend walking in the park with us having a chat and she just happened to have a camera in her hand. She witnessed our son have a couple of melt downs and it was no big deal she just went with the flow.
One of my favourite photos was me trying to distract my son after he had a melt down and Julie was just clicking away and she captured a beautiful photo of my son and I lying on the grass giggling. By the end of the shoot my son was offering Julie a cup of coffee from his playset and posing for her to take some photos. 
We started just wanting a few photos of our family and instead we got a whole collection.
Julie you captured our little man so perfectly, his giggles , his scooter riding, his adventurous spirit and his love for his mummy and daddy...... 
This experience is one I will always treasure and Julie we thank you for your warmth, patience, passion and most of all your beautiful soul....without this I’m sure you would not have been able to capture our family so beautifully.. Thanks Julie”                                                                                                    Karen
Check Out Karen and Marco's Family Memory Keepsake Film
from their Portrait Session 

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