A Family Day IN!!!!

August 12, 2020

A Family Day IN!!!!

There is no doubt that we are all missing our Family and Friends during this lockdown time, but at least we are able to see them via programs like Zoom and Messenger and Facetime.


One of the things that we are missing a lot in our family is our Family Days out. Almost every weekend, we would choose a location or adventure to explore and have a FAMILY DAY OUT. It was our time away from the house, away from screens and it was our time to have fun together.

Three Hearts Photography Family Day IN 

Recently, it got to a point where we felt like our weekends were just wasting away. Like most of Victoria (and increasing parts of Australia), we are not allowed to go out anywhere and even when we were allowed to go out, we were still limited to where we could go and how long we could stay there and who we could stay there with. I understand all the restrictions and we have been following them, but it has been hard to say goodbye to this family time that we have loved and enjoyed so much.


I was talking with someone a few weeks ago, telling them how much we missed out Family days out and she made a suggestion that we all loved…..


Family Days IN!



Why should we give up the fun times we used to spend together as a family, just because we can no longer leave the house?


We had to start planning ways to create fun and different Family Days IN. We brainstormed a list of ideas that we all loved and would interest us in different ways and then we set out to have our first Family Day IN.


When choosing our activity, we looked at the weather and saw that it was going to be a cold and rainy day, so we chose a wet weather activity, but the weather changed and it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day, so we decided to change our activity to an outdoor day IN, lol.


We played Totem Tennis, had lunch outside, played Poison Ball and What’s the time Mr. Wolf and then we had a campfire and toasted marshmallows over the fire.


Three Hearts Photography Family Day IN 

It was a great day and it was exactly what we ALL needed.


Three Hearts Photography Family Day IN


With all of this in mind, I wanted to write this blog to share this idea with you all. I know so many of us all love to get outside and do activities with our families and now more than ever, we can’t do the things that we love to do with them.


In order to help our kids, feel a little bit more like normal life and for ourselves as well, then let’s start introducing some normal activities back in to it.


Think of activities that you used to love to do all the time together and then come up with creative ways to recreate them at home.



Here are some of the ideas we came up with:


  1. Backyard Camping with campfire


  1. Beach Day – Sand, Water, Sun (later when it gets warmer, lol)


  1. Loungeroom Sleepover – put the mattresses on the floor in the loungeroom and all sleep there one night.


  1. YES Day – Where you say yes to everything your kids ask for. (A Great one to do while all the shops are closed, lol)


  1. Lego Challenge – decide on a theme and create a Lego world together around that theme


  1. Travel to another Country – pack your suitcase, ride a pretend plane, stay in a pretend hotel and learn things about another country. Use some travel sites or YouTube channels to learn about and see sites from that country. Maybe you have been to this country before and have your own photos and video that you can share with the kids.


  1. MasterChef Cooking Day – select some recipes to cook and cook them together.


  1. Forest School – Learn about, Build, Discover Nature


  1. Upside down day – have breakfast at dinner time, dinner at breakfast and move the furniture around so the table is in the loungeroom and the couch is in the dining room. Kids sleep in mum and dads’ bed and mum and dad sleep in kids’ beds.


  1. Beauty Parlour Day – Paint nails, facials, do hair, meditations and take turns giving one another a massage.


Three Hearts Photography Family Day IN 

Whatever you decide to do, this is a great way to leave the screens and come together as a family one again. Just like we could before Corona Virus hit and we were all told to stay inside.


My hope is that this idea has helped your family to come together and spend more quality time as a family just like it did mine and you will have some amazing memories of 2020, instead of memories of being separate and doing your own thing in different rooms in the house because you feel there is nothing else to do.


There is a way to be a family and spend time together. Let’s change the way we spend time together and not wipe this year off from our family’s fun memories.

 Three Hearts Photography Family Day IN


Check out some of these links to help you create amazing and fun Family Days IN for you and your Family....


Around the world Virtual Tours

Lego Challenges and Live Workshops with Keiran from Legoland

Cooking with kids with Kidspot

Nature for Kids with Sciencekids


Three Hearts Photography Family Day IN

 Our Lego Challenge Family Day IN


Let me know if you love these ideas and share photos of your family day via a message on our Three Hearts Photography Facebook Page. I would love to see what your Family has done together.

Stay Safe




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