6 Reasons Why You Should Include Grandparents in Your Family Portraits

November 26, 2019

6 Reasons Why You Should Include Grandparents in Your Family Portraits

I little while ago, I wrote a blog titled “If I only had a Time Machine” (click on the link to read it if you missed it). The one thing I wished for most of all if I had a Time Machine, was to go back and take more photos of my grandparents. I have very few photos of them and no professional photos of them at all.



When we think about having a Family Portrait taken, we often just think about our immediate family. Mum, Dad and the kids. We want to capture our own family growing up and changing and be able to see those changes over the years.

Have you ever thought about including your parents and Grandparents in your Family Portraits?



I can tell you that it is something that they will never do for themselves. They might take a photo of themselves together on a weekend away or a holiday. There might be a photo of everyone at the Christmas lunch table, but is there a beautiful Portrait of your parents, your Grandparents, that everyone can enjoy forever?



Here are 6 Reasons why you should include Grandparents in your Family Portraits…..

 1. Lifelong Memories – When you capture a family portrait with your parents and/or grandparents then you are Capturing a memory that will last a lifetime for everyone who is in that Portrait, no matter where life takes them. They know that they belong and that they matter to someone!



2. Take the Initiative – Your parents and Grandparents will love to have Portraits of you and your family. They have probably been hounding you for days, months or even years, lol. But when it comes to having their own Portrait taken, then they are usually reluctant to do it. They have lots of excuses, they have too many wrinkles, they are too old, they look awful in photos, their hair is too grey….. believe me, I have heard them all.
It is up to us to tell them just how important it is that we have a photo of them too. This is something very special that you can do FOR them, as well as capturing some beautiful Portraits for you and your Family.




 3. Everyone Loves Grandparents – Your kids love their Grandparents. They share a beautiful, special relationship with them that is very different to the relationship you have with your kids and the relationship you have with your parents.

How amazing would it be to capture that special relationship forever, so that your kids will always remember it too?



4. No Regrets – Time is precious and we never know how long we will have with any of our family members. You never want to be left thinking,

                “If only I took more photos”

                “I wish we had some beautiful Portraits of….”

                “If only I had a photo of my kids and ……”


And as hard as it might be to think about…. “the only photo we have to use for the funeral is the one from a backyard BBQ 10 years ago.”


No Regrets – Don’t leave it till it’s too late.



 5. A Gift that keeps on Giving – I’m sure that you have heard this before, but a Family Portrait with the whole family can be the most valuable gift you can give to your Family. It’s not something they can do for themselves and it is going to last a lifetime.
Grandparents want gifts that don’t clutter their house and a Portrait is a very meaningful gift for them to receive.



 6. You wouldn’t ever need a Time Machine – ok, so it might be a silly one to end the blog with, but let’s have a little fun, lol. Because there’s no regrets, you have the Family Portraits and you captured the moments that you always wanted to capture and you now have something that you will treasure of your loved ones for a very long time, then there is no need for a Time machine to go back into the past and try to capture the memories that you missed out on, or the memories that you have forgotten.



Including your parents and Grandparents in your Family Portrait Session is not just about getting a family portrait for you. It’s about making your mark on your family history. It’s about capturing the love and togetherness of your family and it’s about giving a gift to the ones you love the most – old and young, that they can’t give to themselves.




Is it time for your family to come together and capture something amazing and beautiful for your family?

If you are ready to book a Family Portrait Session with your parents and/or Grandparents, then give me a call or contact us HERE and we will have a chat about creating something very special for YOU!



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