6 Free Entertainment Ideas For Your Family in the South Eastern Suburbs – Three Hearts Photography, Family Portrait Photographer

July 07, 2019

6 Free Entertainment Ideas For Your Family in the South Eastern Suburbs – Three Hearts Photography, Family Portrait Photographer

If you read our latest blog you would have seen some great ideas about getting out in these winter months. If you missed it, you can check it out HERE.


I wanted to add to that post because there are so many AMAZING things to do in Melbourne’s South East (and a little beyond) and you never have to spend a cent to do them. And when you are raising a young family, we all need a little free entertainment sometimes, lol.


  1. McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery!

No matter if you are an art buff or you just love the outdoors, the Sculpture Park is a great place to walk around and explore and provide your kids with a new experience that they will love. Every time you visit there is something new and different to see.


McClelland Sculpture Park - Family Fun Outing


  1. Garden World Braeside!

If you have a dinosaur loving kiddo, then this is the place for you! Let’s face it, even if you don’t, the chance to get up close to some pretty amazing dinosaurs is still an awesome event for any family to experience. You can touch the dinosaurs, walk or crawl underneath them, depending on your height and the best part…..there are no lines!

Plus, don't forget to look inside too, there might be some other interesting animals to find.

You have to put this one on your TO DO list!


Garden World - Family Fun Outing 


  1. Chelsea Bicentennial Park!

Now, I know that we sometimes get sick of just going to playgrounds, because that’s the easy ones that we do during the week if we have a few minutes to burn off some energy and wear the kids out in order to get them to bed just that little bit earlier. But this one is definitely worth a weekend visit!

It is a hidden little gem and full of amazing fun for all ages! It even has a dog park if you want to bring along the fur babies and make a day of it with the WHOLE family. 😊

Make sure you take the kids inside the toadstools and see if they can find the musical tyres. It’s not what you think.



  1. Warburton – The NOT Snow!

Now, you might think that I am a little strange in my title of this one, but last year as we were heading up to Mount Donna Buang, (a Winter outing idea from our last blog), the snow was so thick that they had to close the roads and they weren’t letting any one else up the Mountain. So, we stopped at Warburton and had to break the news to the kids. In order to make it fun we told them that this was the “NOT snow” and we were going on a bush walk instead. We had an awesome time, jumping in muddy puddles, walking along the river, exploring and calling out cooeeee, across the river.

You can take a picnic lunch to remain on a budget or if you want to, there are plenty of places in Warburton to warm up for lunch.


Warburton - Family Outing Location


  1. Hastings Foreshore Reserve!

Hastings is a reasonably quiet little town, but the water can sometimes be bustling with boats, cargo and even some local pelicans.

There is plenty to do on your visit to the Foreshore, whether you are looking for a seaside experience, wildlife experience, a scenic walk, or just a roll down a hill. No matter what you choose you will have a fun day out in Hastings!


Hastings Foreshore - Family Fun Outing


  1. Devilbend Reservoir!

This one is a little off the surfaced roads, but totally worth the drive if you are a living in the South Eastern Suburbs. It’s about 6 minutes past Hastings and it has loads to explore and see.

We love exploring this area and it has so many different landscapes to keep all our interests peeked.

We have a picnic on the grass, look for fairies in the forest and then walk down to the lake where the kids love to looks for fish and try their hand at skimming rocks. (Look out Fish!)

We walk around the lake and have a fantastic day!


Devilbend Reservoir - Family Fun Outing 


All of these amazing activities are fun and FREE and we have tested them all out, so I am sure that your Family will love them!


If you have any feedback about this article or would love to book a Family Portrait Session, maybe at one of these amazing locations, then give me a call on 0471 549 653 or Contact me HERE and I would love to have a chat with you.


Happy Family Outings!

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