6 Beautiful Memories You Need To Capture In Your Photography Session

November 13, 2018

6 Beautiful Memories You Need To Capture In Your Photography Session

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There are way more than 6 memories in your children’s lives that you want to capture, we know that for sure, but how many of them do we really end up having in print, in a special memory so that we can hold onto it for as long as we can? Before we know it, they will be telling us we are embarrassing and no, they won’t be in a family photo and we will have missed our opportunity to grab the memories of the moments that were the most precious ones to us. Here are my Top 6 Beautiful Memories that I think you will want to capture when you have a Photography Session at Three Hearts Photography.


#1 Your Child Kissing You on the Check or Lips

As long as they are willing, I will always ask them if they will do it. There is a really short window where your kids will give you kisses, and even shorter when they are in public, lol. Why not capture those moments and have them in beautiful artworks in your wall in your bedroom!



#2 Holding Hands

This is also something that your kids will only do for a short time, although I asked a young lady, (barely an adult), the other day if she would hold her Mum’s hand for one of her Family Photos and she said yes. It was awesome and I hope that it is something that her Mum treasures for a long long time.

Whether it is a baby or a teenager, holding someone’s hand is a connection and a bond between those two people. A bond that shows those people that they care about each other and, I believe, that they will always be there for you.



#3 Laughing

Whether it’s a tickle from the tickle monster or a giggle because someone just couldn’t hold on any longer, (yes, you know what I mean, lol), laughter is the best medicine and it makes us all feel better when we can laugh with our family and with the ones we love the most. So, I will always try and capture a laughing, smiling, giggly photo with you and your family.


#4 One with Mum

This is always on the MUST DO list, but I have to say, it doesn’t always get done. I won’t force anyone to have photos that they don’t really want to have, but I will STRONGLY encourage them to have them, lol. So, I always try and get a photo of Mum with the kids. Yes, dad will get one too, but I am a strong advocate for getting Mums in front of the camera and I want to empower mums to feel confident that I will make them feel and look amazing and then have memories of them IN their children’s lives forever!


#5 Something Special From Home

If we are in your home, then this one is super easy, but if we are at a park or we are doing a Studio Session, then I encourage you to bring along something special from home that you really love or that your kids really love. This may be a book, a toy, a blanket, a bike or even a pet! Is there something that you would just LOVE to include in your session that is part of your family?! I once took photos of a family who had pet goats. They were the most hilarious goats I had ever seen and they chased us up and down the paddock as we did their Family Portraits, but the goats were part of the family and they wanted them included in their family memories.



#6 Hands and Feet

Here’s one for the bubbas. I love to capture the little details. The little moments that matter. The little parts of your Bubba that grow so quickly and because life is such a blurr in those first few weeks, you forget so quickly how little they actually were. Or you were so dazed and sleep deprived, that you forgot to enjoy how little they were and before you blink, they are wearing size 10 shoes and telling you they’ll be home at midnight! But lets get back to those beautiful baby hands and feet, fingers and toes, mouth and nose…..whoops, I might be sounding like a Playschool song, lol.

But, these are the moments you want to capture and have in your treasure box, so you can look back at them and remember when….


I hope you have enjoyed our 6 Beautiful Memories You Need To Capture In Your Photography Session!


If you are ready to capture one of these special memories for YOUR family then call Julie on 0417 549 653 or Fill out your details HERE and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thanks for staying with me to the end




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